Under and Postgraduate Students

Master in Quantum Science and Technology in Barcelona



The program is aimed at graduates in Physics, Physical Engineering or equivalent degrees who want to continue specialization studies in Quantum Science and Technologies.

The master gives access to cutting-edge theoretical and experimental research in the fields of quantum sensing, communication, computing and simulation.

Direct connections to industry through the QuantumCAT community, and the participation of high-tech companies in the teaching program and an annual careers symposium, will facilitate the future integration of students in both academic and industrial sectors.

Quantum physics will play a major role in the next future developments in our capacity to compute, communicate, and measure with precision. A solid education in Quantum sciences will be a crucial asset to both push the boundaries of our knowledge and also to develop new industrial products profiting from the intricate quantum properties. This master is the seed for a quantum future.

Prof. Bruno Julia, Academic Coordinator, MQST

"Quantum technology is growing rapidly in Catalonia, with universities, research centres, startup companies and established industrials all working to bring about the second quantum revolution.  QuantumCAT, the The Quantum Technologies Hub of Catalonia, strongly supports the creation of the Master in QST, as a way to boost the skilled workforce in this dynamic industry.  We look forward to working with MQST students and graduates."

Prof. Morgan Mitchell, Scientific Coordinator, QuantumCAT

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