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EOI Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Actions: Nanowire Quantum Networks at Atomic Scale


Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Individual Fellowships 2020
ICN2 Expression of Interest

Group leader:
Prof. Jordi Arbiol

Scientist in charge of the fellow:
Prof. Jordi Arbiol

Contact email:

Brief description of the research group:
Group of Advanced Electron Nanoscopy (GAe-N):
Exploring the limits of physical resolution in advanced electron microscopy and understanding the ultimate behavior of materials at the nanoscale and their related properties are the central aims of our research. Our main research lines are:
1) Single atom recognition and localization in embedded quantum and nanostructures. From the atomic resolution data we obtain in the aberration corrected advanced electron microscopes we create 3D atomic models of the nanosystems studied. In this way, we can get full knowledge of the crystal structure, morphology and composition at the atomic scale allowing to understand the growth mechanisms of nanomaterials.
2) Development of methodologies to perform a direct correlation between the structure and elemental composition at the atomic scale and the physical properties at sub-nanometer scale: the new advances in energy resolution in electron microscopy allows us to perform detailed in-situ studies of the photonic, plasmonic and even phononic properties of the nanomaterials, correlated to simulated theoretical models (e.g.: nanosystems for quantum computing, electronics and photonics).
3) Development of in-situ / in-operando experiments in the TEM to understand the physical and chemical phenomena promoting energy mechanisms (e.g.: photoelectrochemical) with unprecedented resolution, allowing to correlate the theoretical models with the in-situ TEM and Synchrotron experiments.

Title of project:
Nanowire Quantum Networks at Atomic Scale

Project description:
We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to work on a project focused on measuring the electric fields and bandgap at the nanoscale in complex hybrid semiconductor-superconductor core-shell nanowires integrated in nanowire based quantum networks.  The candidate will work in the new ICN2 advanced (S)TEM facilities that will be placed at the ALBA Synchrotron.  Here a range of novel hybrid nanowire networks will be characterized by iDPC STEM and VEELS. Specimen preparation by means of FIB will be challenging and as such we are looking for a candidate who enjoys experimental work.
The candidate must have experience in performing some of the following: atomic resolution STEM (ideally knowledge on iDPC) / HREELS, Low loss EELS, VEELS / FIB sample preparation and who would like to work on a project that bridges basic and applied research.  Full training in any of the above techniques is possible for the right candidate who has previously demonstrated competence in advanced (S)TEM characterisation.

Research area:
Information Science and Engineering 

HR will request a letter of motivation, CV (max. 4 pages) and two referees.

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