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PREBIST is a doctoral fellowship programme led by the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology. Altogether 28 fellowships will be awarded and implemented in top research in the Barcelona and Tarragona area (Spain).

ICN2 has 1 PhD Student position available at one of the following topics in this PREBIST call:

Research Projects:

ICN2_C3-O1:  Nanoscience/Nanodevices for Information and Communication Technologies

Group Leader:

Sergio Valenzuela, "Physics and Engineering of Nanodevices" Group

Aitor Mugarza, "Atomic Manipulation and Spectroscopy" Group.

Description: The work towards a PhD Thesis will be part of the scientific plan of the Severo Ochoa Research Program of ICN2, within the line of "Nanoscience/Nanodevices for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)".

ICT research in ICN2 pushes at the boundaries of understanding of single state variables (spin, electric polarisation, phonons, strain) and hybrid states (e.g. coupled electric-mechanic variables or photon-phonon states) with the aim of taking information processing beyond the use of the electron charge alone.

Current research lines on this topic focus on laying the foundations of components for future information processing through the exploration of new nanomaterials down to the atomic scale, and of newly-discovered physical phenomena that enable alternative input fields or state variables.

The research should follow these research priorities: spintronics, quantum technologies, topological insulators, 2D materials, surfaces and adsorbates

ICN2_C3-O2:  Nanocharacterization

Group Leader:   

Jordi Arbiol, "Advanced Electron Nanoscopy" Group.

Aitor Mugarza, "Atomic Manipulation and Spectroscopy" Group.

Belen Ballesteros, "Electron Microscopy" Unit.

Description: Currently the ICN2 has leading scientific expertise and strong technical competence in research areas such as imaging, spectroscopy and manipulation at the nanoscale, all of which require advanced characterisation techniques (e.g. advanced (S)TEM and related spectroscopies, photoelectron and Xray absorption spectroscopies, probe microscopies, XRD), making use of its own in-house equipment and of multiple national and international large-scale facilities.Description:  The work towards a PhD Thesis will be part of the scientific plan of the Severo Ochoa Research Program of ICN2, within the line of "Nanocharacterization".

Work towards the PhD should be in one of these lines:

  • Advanced nanocharacterisation at ultra-high resolution (chemical, spatial, temporal, elemental, thermal and frequency domain) and the exploration of new scopes, e.g. nanoscale measurements of new physico-chemical phenomena.
  • Correlative microscopy, as an emerging topic in which techniques from standard solid-state physics, analytical chemistry, and molecular biology are combined with other advanced techniques such as probe microscopies, (S)TEM and related spectroscopies and, eventually, with in-situ and inoperando synchrotron experiments.
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy, to explore the structure and physical properties of surfaces at the atomic level.

How to apply: All applications have to be through and indicate the references for the ICN2 research projects if you are interested in them.

Deadline for applications: May 19th

Process in the Interviews phase

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