Post-doctoral Researchers

Exploiting surfaces, edges and interfaces in integrated phononic platforms (MSCA Expression of Interest)


Brief description of the Centre/Research Group:

The Phononic and Photonic Nanostructures group (P2N) is carrying out research at thecross roads between nanotechnology and dispersion relation engineering. P2N group withits group leader has contributed to setup a community on phononics in Europe promotingand participating in many initiatives and projects. The P2N group has had an importantrole in establishing the field with contributions in the experimental part. Thesecontributions span over the phonon spectrum from phonons in the hypersound tothermal phonons, studying the effects of size reduction, periodicity and disorder, for themanipulation and control of phonons and heat management. The P2N group has alsobeen successful in merging its expertise in optical processes in nanostructures, fabricationand phononic and photonic engineering to implement hybrid opto‐mechanical systems.This research is anchored in pioneering nanofabrication performed in our group andcollaborators, as well developing novel methods to produce nanostructures pushingtowards the limits of nanofabrication to enable cutting‐edge research.

Project description:

Phononic crystals have been realized in the GHz range with the main purpose of obtainingspectral bandgaps. Furthermore artificial composite materials can provide any value ofthe mass density and elastic modulus, this opens the possibility for an intelligent tuning ofthe band dispersion, i.e., control over the group velocity, and the generation of effectssimilar than the electromagnetic counterpart.Elastic modes provide an adaptable approach for supporting a coherent coupling betweendifferent state variables. The interaction by piezoelectric and electrostrictive effects, aswell by photoelastic and moving boundaries mechanisms, promises a myriad of novelsignal‐processing functionalities in hybrid systems. For example, this will enable newsignal transduction architectures and signal‐processing functionalities like optical fieldmanipulation of RF waves by means of elastic interfaces.The short term objective of this project is to explore phononic metamaterials as an alternative means to achieve guiding and confinement of elastic waves in the hypersoundwithout relying on Bragg reflections. The mid and long term objectives are theimplementation of elastic wave sources and detectors and its interaction with photons.


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Deadline for applications: 30th June 2018